Hypocritical – Autoaggressive BoxSet | Digital Edition [2​-​Disc Album 2002]

by Nin Kuji

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nin! drugs and disappointment will make me aggressive so be afraid of an attack, perhaps you are the next a fucking twelve-inch-knive and the wish to kill the end of normal life by an overdose pill a burned out mind and living rotting flesh i hate everything but it´s me who has to bleed i take the razor and i take the knife red tears will show me: i´m still alive i hurt myself and i kill my mind i´m autoaggressive and i hate myself i hurt myself and i kill my mind i´m autoaggressive and i want to die start the riot, start to destroy destroy yourself, destroy start the riot, start to destroy blood and scars are my book of life written with the blade of this fucking knife dance with razors i want to die, fucking die nin!
[part I] at the end we all are alone yes i´m feeling alone weak and sick depressions like a shadow in my life and a painful recall emotions are nothing in this cold world in wich i was born i´m feeling alone yes i´m feeling alone wrath and suicide scars in skin and mind alone! a victim of myself don´t cry for me i´m already dead i´m feeling alone [part II] and now follow me inside nin church of noise attack, attack! es tut mir leid nin
i know you want to know me i know you´ll never know me but if you come and try prepare for tears and die that´s no lie decypher my brain decypher my brain decypher me and cry that´s no lie you want to enter me but there´s nothing to see finally you hate me accept the reality decypher my brain decypher my brain decypher me and cry come inside without a lie that´s no lie
apathetic mind and a duplex side it throws me down, feeling topsy-turvy tormenting my self, becoming ill fucking my mind, take the inside out i´m tripping away i´m tripping away i´m tripping away my mind is falling apart melting time and a world of crime no activity, but i can see i love the past, the past hates me this bloody sea i can´t cry free no normal life, just a horror drive this trip is my life and my wife is a knife don´t choose this way stay away from d.t.p.e. i want to be free!
you´ve never seen the knife n.d.s. bad trip, you destroyed my life years of wonderful suicide can take me to the bad trip can take me to the other side my scars are your fault do you know about razors? do you know about blades? your words like acid broke my mind your fucking oppinions, i think you´re blind and i´ll rise one day i see you, you hate me i love you, i hate you i lay down there to often and my blood flew to often my mind broke down completely tears are a fucking nothing for you fucking bitch i´m lying on the floor, can see no open door i hate you!


Disc1: Track 1-10 / Disc 2: Track 11-16
Exclusive boxset versions: Track 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 16
(differ from versions on standard album "hypocritical")


released June 20, 2002


all rights reserved



Nin Kuji Germany

[Sorry, max of 200 free downloads per month. First come, first serve.]

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